Boom Bucks

What are they?

After years of promoting Bars & Restaurants, the “Boom Buck” still remains one of the best promotional programs in the industry…and it’s cheap! Boom Bucks are the same concept of saving miles from Marlboro Cigarettes to be redeemed later for gifts (after spending a ton of money purchasing cigarettes). Another powerful and successful program with the same concept is saving miles from the Airline Industry to be redeemed for free air travel. Why do these large corporations use the “Boom Buck” concept? Because… IT WORKS!

How to Award Boom Bucks

The following are suggestions and ideas you can use with YOUR Boom Bucks:

  • Do not just give your Boom Bucks away; your customers must earn their Boom Bucks. They’re designed to entice business. Here are a few suggestions how a customer can earn their Boom Bucks in your establishment: By participating in special events, such as winning them at our Trivia Nights, on The Magic Number Wheel or with our Sports Scratch-Off Card Games!
  • Award your customers for joining any bar leagues (Darts, Pool, Bowling, Bean Bag Toss, Etc.) and then pay them a Boom Buck for each night they show up to play in the league or tournament. You can also use Boom Bucks as part of the Championship Prize.
  • If you serve food, you can award Boom Bucks with certain food purchases or after customers spend a certain dollar amount. Depending on local liquor laws, you can also give a Boom Buck for each drink purchased during a special time determined by you.
  • The ideas are endless; use Boom Bucks to entice your customers into YOUR establishment and keep them coming back time after time.

How Customers Spend Use Cash In Boom Bucks

It’s imperative to make your Boom Bucks VERY IMPORTANT to your customers. The following are ideas on how to do just that:

  • Sell your novelties and apparel for Boom Bucks…NOT cash! You’ll make more money in the long run by selling your T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jackets, beer mugs and whatever else you may have for Boom Bucks! If you don’t have apparel now, you should purchase a few items, even if you start small; possibly with one T-shirt style, one sweatshirt style and one hat style. You’ll be amazed how well it works.
  • Ask your vendors for FREE T-shirts and then have YOUR name screened on the back or on the sleeve. By having YOUR name somewhere on the shirt will now make that item (that you got for free) valuable to your customers…for Boom Bucks!
  • Promote a closed-door “Customer Appreciation Night” and charge Boom Bucks to purchase an admission ticket to get in.
  • If you have a food menu, sell selected items for partial cash and partial Boom Bucks. EXAMPLE: Hamburger Deluxe $4.95 or $2.95/20 Boom Bucks. You can also put a special insert in your menu showing the items that are available with Boom Bucks.
  • Host raffles and sell the raffle tickets for Boom Bucks. The ideas for your Boom Bucks are endless and will become one of your best marketing strategies for our establishment!