Who We Are

The Basics

Founded in 1996, Boom Industries specializes in digital-based games and promotions for the restaurant, bar, and café industry. Located in Schiller Park, Illinois, Boom Industries has achieved its success by producing high-quality, engaging Trivia, Boom Bingo, Magic Number Wheel, and other games and promotional entertainment for a nationwide audience. Boom Industries’ founder, Geno Perry, is a former bar owner with more than 30 years of experience running successful promotions.

How we got here

In 1985, Geno Perry founded Boom Video Productions, a boutique video production company. Geno’s first video production was a 30-minute deer hunting video. Boom Video’s work included corporate training videos, music videos and commercials. Back then, the Boom Video staff would spend 8 hours editing a 30-second commercial on an ancient analog machine.

Today, Boom Industries uses the latest digital and computer technology. In 1986, Geno opened Boom Town Saloon on Addison Avenue in northwest Chicago. Over the next few years, the popularity of the bar grew rapidly. By 1993, Geno renovated Boom Town Saloon, essentially doubling the size of the establishment.

To generate business for Boom Town on slow nights, Geno developed weekly Trivia Nights, which soon became huge draws. He used his background with Boom Video Productions to create video trivia that was state-of-the-art for its time. Before long, Trivia Night took over Boom Town twice a week, and other games, including Thoroughbred Racing and The Magic Number Wheel, were soon to follow. The success of Boom Town’s Trivia Nights led to Geno, a marketer at heart, to spread the trivia wealth.

In 1996, he founded Boom Industries to produce trivia games, which he then sold to other bars. In 2003, Geno sold Boom Town to focus on building his trivia empire with Boom Industries. Boom Industries now boasts a database of nearly 40,000 questions and a host of other games, including Boom Bingo and Keno for restaurant, bar, and café patrons to enjoy.